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Coron Tours, Daily Island Hopping Tours & Safari 

Our Coron Palawan day tours are great options to choose the experiences you want and to manage your stay in Coron Palawan with more freedom. These tours are suitable for family getaways, groups and independent travelers.  


Coron is world renowned with the cleanest lakes and enchanting lagoons, crystal clear waters, World War II sunken ships, pristine coral gardens, amazing school of colorful reef fishes, and the majestic backdrop of magnificent limestone formations. 


This makes Coron the best place for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking you will never forget. Explore all these great activities we have for you!


Private Tour | Group (Joining) Tour

Coron Island Super Ultimate Tour

Visit the "must see" and most unique Coron destinations - enchanting lakes and lagoons, crystal clear waters, stunning shores, white sand...

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Private Tour | Group (Joining) Tour

Coron Town Tour

This is a half day tour which will give you an option to explore and learn about our town, its people, culture, dialect and major landmarks. This is the most convenient, easiest way to...

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PHP 750

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Private Tour | Group (Joining) Tour

Island Escapade Tour

The neighboring islands of Malcapuya, Banana and Bulog Dos are home to the most beautiful waters and beaches in Coron Palawan. For everyone who dream of getting away..

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Private Tour | Group (Joining) Tour

Reefs and Wrecks Tour

Looking for an unforgettable experience in Coron? The crystal-clear waters here offer spectacular views of the sunken World War II ships. Get up-close-and-personal with an array of...

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Private Tour | Group (Joining) Tour

Calauit Safari with
Black Island Tour

Grab  the opportunity to feed exotic animals from Africa like giraffes and zebras. Learn about the endemic and endangered animal species of our province Palawan. Calauit safari is a 

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Private Tour | Group (Joining) Tour

Coron 2 Fun Dives

Coron is known as the diving capital of the Philippines. With its diverse and unique diving spots such as lakes, World War II ship wrecks, we offer totally different experience...

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