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Explore all these great destinations and activities we have for you.  If you don't find the place and activity you are looking for, contact us to create a private tour for you and your fellow travelers.

Kayangan Lake

Coron Island, Coron Palawan Philippines

Second in size and beauty, situated in lower ground about 75m above sea level facing Coron Bay just 15 minutes ride by motorized banca. One of the big attractions aside from the lake itself is the main entrance, which consists of a big cove capable of accommodating tourist boat and yachts. With its blue waters, white rocky bottoms, majestic rock formation and coral reefs, it is the favorite spot for swimming and excursion.


Kayangan Lake is the first among the lakes which gained the National Hall of Famer as the Cleanest and Greenest Islands Body of Water in the Philippines

Twin Lagoons

Coron Island, Coron Palawan Philippines

Twin lagoons separated by a wall of rock. The only access of which is a small crevice underneath the rock, or during high tide, a ladder over the rock.


The temperature of the waters in Twin Lagoon  also alternates between warm and cold ( similar to Barracuda lake) where  cold freshwater meets the hot salt water called Thermo Cline.  As the water become deeper, the temperature increases and becomes warmer due to limestone deposit at the sea bed.

Beach 91

Coron Island, Coron Palawan Philippines


Siete Pecados Marine Park

Coron Palawan Philippines


It is a group of seven (7) islets located in the narrow passage between Coron adjacent to Maquinit Natural Hot Springs.


Siete pecados are spanish words which means seven sins, from the myth of seven sisters who swam in the area and became islets. These are small uninhabited seven sinsted Islands with a legend full of tragedy.


Siete Pecados has been declared as marine park and thus, best for snorkeling. 

Mt Tapyas View Deck

Coron Palawan Philippines


Catch the sunset at Mt Tapyas, approximately 2000 feet above sea level. Trek wont be much of a hassle as concrete steps are made available.  Climb more than 720 steps and see the spectacular view of Coron bay and town. 



Maquinit Hotspring

Coron Palawan Philippines


Maquinit is a saltwater hotspring, about 5 kilometers away from the town. With a temperature ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, Maquinit’s water is very relaxing and has therapeutic properties to soothe and relax your body.


It is the perfect place to go to after a day of trekking and snorkeling. It has a flow output of 85 liters/second pr a whopping 5115 liter.





St Augustine Church

Coron Palawan Philippines


Founded in 1901, the Parish of St. Augustine of the Apostolic Vicariate of  Taytay, Palawan is one of the three parishes in the Islands of Busuanga.

Lualhati Park

Coron Palawan Philippines


A mostly-paved public waterfront space the local port and market, gives view of the Coron islands and peninsula. Flat and empty but rich with the promise of further development, “Lualhati” translates as glory. Named after the mother of the Palawan Governor Joel T. Reyes and Coron Mayor Mario T. Reyes Jr.

CYC Beach

Coron Palawan Philippines


Named after the founder “ Coron Youth Club” is managed by the Municipal Government of Coron. The Island is twenty minutes away from town with white sandy beach and crystal clear cool water. Ideal for picnickers and sunbathers

Bulog Dos Island

Coron Palawan Philippines


Named after the founder “ Coron Youth Club” is managed by the Municipal Government of Coron. The Island is twenty minutes away from town with white sandy beach and crystal clear cool water. Ideal for picnickers and sunbathers

Banana Island

Coron Palawan Philippines


(native name Dicalubuan)

An island located south of Coron, it features a beautiful white beach and crystal clear waters. The origin of its name is a mystery because not a single banana plant can be found in the island although there are plenty of coconut trees. Neither is it shaped like a Banana.


Lots of shades trees, hammocks and huts allow plenty of opportunities for relaxing. 


Travel time from Coron town is about 1.5 hours by banca.

Malcapuya Island

Coron Palawan Philippines


Facing Banana Island, Malcapuya features a beautiful beach over a kilometer long with fine white sand. Many local boatmen swear it is the best beach in the Calamian. Its swimming area is home to many giant clams. Its long beach makes it very ideal for sunbathing activities.


Travel time from Coron town is 1.5 hours by banca.

Lusong Gunboat

Coron Palawan Philippines


Lusong gunboat is one of the twelve Japanese supply ships that anchored in Coron Bay where US Navy launched a massive air strike. These ships sunk at depth 10 meters and can be viewed by snorkeling alone.

Lusong Coral Garden

Coron Palawan Philippines


A Coral reef beside Lusong Gunboat wreck which is home to a wide variety of tropical fishes and colorful corals.

Pamalican Island

Coron Palawan Philippines


The abundant marine life and coral reefs attracts people from neighboring barangays and towns to go swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. And if you dream of a natural resort with all the breathtaking beauty, then go to this island. It is one of the best places to go during summertime. It has a total land area of 50 hectares.

Maltatayoc Island

Coron Palawan Philippines


Like the other island, this island is also famous for its sparkling white beaches and is surrounded with coral reefs. Travel time from the mainland is approximately 45 minutes.

Skeleton Wreck

Coron Palawan Philippines


The skeleton Wreck is so called because the ribs-like part of the ship left in the site, giving it the skeletal appearance.  It is a quick dive if you intend to go deep the 6-25 meter wreck site. Snorkeling is more fit, as it has visibility up to 10 meter.

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